Alexa, do I understand you? Using language to make sense of virtual assistants

The Amazon Echo Dot. (Image: Piotr Cichosz, CC0)

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Siri, Alexa und der Mann, der wissen will, wie wir mit Automaten reden

Bild: Nils Fisch

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CU-Boulder-created app first to use gesture for language learning

Artwork: Sarah Menzel

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Manipulating Manner: Semantic Representations of Human Locomotion Verbs in English and German

German data with Treadmill Settings from 2.5 mph to 8. 5mph and Playback Conditions are Slow (S), Normal (N), and Fast (F).

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‘So let’s talk. Let’s chat. Let’s start a dialog’: An analysis of the conversation metaphor employed in Clinton’s and Obama’s YouTube campaign clips

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