Below are links to articles about some of my projects or featuring my research.

Alexa, Do I Understand You? Using Language to Make Sense of Virtual Assistants.

Duman, Steve. University of Basel Sci Five.


The Space-time Topography of English Speakers. 

Duman, Steve (2016), University of Colorado Boulder Dissertation.

CU-Boulder-created app first to use gesture for language learning

Elizabeth Lock, CU Boulder

Students Nominate Linguistics’ Steve Duman for Excellence in Teaching Award

Moira McCormick, CU Boulder

Manipulating manner: Semantic representations of human locomotion verbs in English and German

Katherine S. Phelps & Steve Duman (2012), Proceedings of the 34th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society

Semantic representations of English and German motion verbs

Katherine S. Phelps & Steve Duman (2012), Colorado Research in Linguistics 23(1)

 ‘So let’s talk. Let’s chat. Let’s start a dialog’: An analysis of the conversation metaphor employed in Clinton’s and Obama’s YouTube campaign clips

Duman, S., & Locher, M. A. (2008). Multilingua-Journal of Cross-Cultural and Interlanguage Communication 27(3), 193-230.