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Cognition, Language, & Interaction with Machines Research Group

The Future

The future is unknown. So how do we make sense of it? For one thing, we use fine-grained physical space, perceiving ‘tomorrow’ as physically closer than ‘next year’. Understanding time as such may influence our perceptions of future: Risk Benefits Products or Tech          

Language & Tech

The Cognition, Language, & Interaction with Machines Research Group is interested in all tech domains in which language plays a critical role. Domains include: Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) Teleconferencing Tools Wearables Smartphones Robots        

Gamification of Language

Learning a language can be hard, boring work. But it doesn’t have to be. The Cognition, Language, and Interaction with Machines Research Group examines the benefits and disadvantages of the gamification of language, including: Game Mechanics Wearables Gesture  


R, Psychopy, Qualtrics, Amazon’s Mechanical Turk




Passion translates to passion. In every course I teach, I try to convey how exciting a time it is to be in the fields of Linguistics and Cognitive Science. There are many unanswered questions about the intricate interplay of language, cognition, tech and culture.

Languages of the World

A survey of the world’s 6-7,000 languages, covering language families, structure, and the possible role of language on in nonlinguistic thought.

Metaphor & Mind

An in-depth study of empirical approaches to Cognitive Linguistics, with emphasis on conceptual metaphor and embodied cognition.

Language in U.S. Society

An overview of linguistic varieties in the United States, covering identity construction, accent discrimination, and bilingual education.

Writing & Rhetoric

Research doesn’t mean much if you’re not able to deliver your message in a persuasive manner. In my Writing & Rhetoric class, I teach the importance of writing data-driven argumentative papers that are accessible to a general audience.

Language & the Mind

An introductory look at the ways language influences thought and thought influences language.

English in its Social Contexts

An examination of English in its everyday and global contexts.

Language & Embodiment in Human-Computer Interaction

This course looks at the ever-increasing ways in which the technologies we use impact our spoken language and thought.

Inherent Games


Working with engineers, designers, and artists, our company has worked to re-shape the language-learning space by giving users what they want: game-based language instruction.

Using the affordances of mobile devices, Inherent Games works to make language physical. Players gesture to learn key concepts, like rotating the device like a steering wheel to learn ‘drive.’

Inherent Games’ first app, now available on the App Store, is the result of funding from the National Science Foundation.