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case studies


Nearly every expression that we use encodes time. It is fundamental to the human experience. For English speakers, time is physical, with the past behind us and the future in front of us. That’s why we can ‘look back on our lives’ or ‘look forward to a meeting.’ But my research shows that the past and … Continue reading Time

User Experience

Language is also critical in developing engaging and effective user products. My research tackles this issue in two ways. First, the Inherent Games lab repeatedly runs tests with users, placing prototypes in their hands and gathering as much qualitative data—especially verbal descriptions of their experience—as possible. These data are used to change products from the … Continue reading User Experience

Health & Stigma

The way we talk about diseases matters. In a series of experiments using Qualtrics surveys on Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, Shefali Das, Saud Alwatban, and I are demonstrating that people with diabetes are perceived as more guilty and deserved of punishment than those with other diseases, even for a completely unrelated crime. Interestingly, this effect is … Continue reading Health & Stigma


Outstanding Teacher for Technology in Teaching

In early 2015, Arts & Science Support of Education through Technology (ASSETT) awarded me the Outstanding Teacher for Technology in Teaching award. I was nominated by 13 students for my Fall 2014 course Perspectives on Language: Metaphor & Mind.

GPTI Teaching Excellence

Upon nomination by the Linguistics Department, I was awarded the Graduate Student Instructorship Teaching Excellence Award from the University of Colorado, Boulder Graduate School for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Small Business Innovation Research Grant

In early 2014, I served as Co-Principal Investigator on a Small Business Innovation Research grant for $150,000 awarded by the National Science Foundation. The grant supported the production of Nano Nano, a language-learning game for mobile devices now available on the App Store.


Languages of the World (LING 1020)

Spring 2015 & Fall 2013. A survey of the world’s 6-7,000 languages, covering language families, structure, and the possible role of language on in nonlinguistic thought.

Perspectives on Language (LING 4100)

Fall 2014 & Fall 2012. An in-depth study of empirical approaches to Cognitive Linguistics, with emphasis on conceptual metaphor and embodied cognition.

Language in U.S. Society (LING 1000)

Spring 2013, Spring 2012, Fall 2011, & Spring 2011. An overview of linguistic varieties in the United States, covering identity construction, accent discrimination, and bilingual education.



Inherent Games’ first app, now available on the App Store, is the result of funding from the National Science Foundation.